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Smitty's Radiator & Fu​ll Service Auto Repair

Customer Testimonials

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"It's not often I make recommendations like this this day and age of poor customer service and rip off artists - can I just tell you about what has got to be the very best service I have received in years! My truck wouldn't start, again. The dealer I bought it from would only honor the warranty if they did the work, and it required me TOWING it there for them to even look it. Since they've had it twice, I really didn't want to pay to have it towed and have them play around with it more to soak me for even more money. I ended up calling Smitty's and from the first conversation and every one since found them to be extremely courteous, honest, and willing to help. Not only that, but they exceeded my expectations by taking my vehicle right away, calling me before I thought to call them, took the time to offer me alternatives in pricing while still recommending the best approach. Completely honest and thorough. Finally - the best part - I still came away spending less than I expected, and getting my car back a day sooner than I'd even hoped. My truck is running just fine now! If you're looking for what I consider now to be the best mechanic / auto service in this area - give these guys a call. Trust me, my ex was a mechanic, and I couldn't fix a car to save my life so I've been around the block enough to have experienced more than my share of horrible service. Don't waste your time anywhere else. Go here."

--BusinessFinder Review on PennLive

"We will definitely continue our business with you. I value your commitment and customer service."

-J. Martin   

"Smitty’s will never rip you off, or do shoddy work, or take a shortcut with your safety. They don’t overcharge. I guess you could say, it is difficult to find a trustworthy mechanic , a true mechanic...., well look no more.

I recently took my daughter's car there for a safety check....needless to say, I am confident in the safety of the car. Keep up the great work!"

-B. Davis 

"I have had two good experiences with Josh. The first one was with my F-250 van. After explaining the symptoms I was experiencing to Josh, in about ten minutes he diagnosed the problem and didn’t even look under the hood! Josh was right on the mark with his analysis and in fifteen minutes, he had fixed the problem!

The second experience was with my wife’s car. After about a half hour of testing Josh said that the car’s computer was bad. He ordered in a new computer and installed it. The original problem was solved but he found another problem. After several hours of investigating, Josh discovered that the new computer was bad. He ordered a second computer, installed it and the car has run like a top since. (They don’t make car parts as good as they used to!)

I guess what I am trying to say is that Josh spends a little extra time and finds the problem instead of just changing out parts until the problem is solved like a lot of other garages."

--J. Grubic

"I live in Lancaster, so when my car tried to strand me in Harrisburg, I wasn't sure where to go. Smitty's was recommended to me by a friend, and I was glad. They explained everything to me, took care of it reasonably quick, and didn't clean out my bank account. I like it when a mechanic will actually show me what the problem is/was, and they did that."

--unbiased reviewer on