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Smitty's Radiator & Fu​ll Service Auto Repair

Money Saving Tips!

*Underinflated tires can actually hurt your wallet when you go to the gas pump by making your engine work harder (using more gas). Also, your tires may not have optimum traction which may be risking the safety of you and your family. If you are not sure what your tire pressure is, next time you're at Smitty's, feel free to ask one of our technicians to check them for you. Safety comes first!

* Give your car a "spring cleaning"! We are all at fault for tossing things in our trunk and forgetting about them. Clean out the unnecessary items. This also can be "robbing" your wallet of extra gas money. Extra weight can really tap into the economy that your car is getting on miles per gallon.

 * Get regular tune-ups on your car. Not getting regular tune ups can keep your car from running smoothly & efficiently. Along with your scheduled maintenance, think about getting a tune up too. This can save you lots of money on gas as well as maintain the health of your car.

Check back soon for more maintenance tips for your car....